My Family

My Family

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why a blog????

I have been considering starting a blog for sometime now. Why??  Oddly, I am not entirely sure.  My life is continual insanity, with a sprinkle of drama, a dash of stress(okay more than a dash), and whole heap of laughter and love.  Maybe I am looking for an outlet, or maybe I want to share my crazy, wonderful world with everyone...I will let you know as this unfolds.  I haven't added photos yet...but will.  My profile is empty as of now...but that's okay. Many of you that few these first few posts know me quite well already (you poor suckers).
Most of what I write will be about my husband (he better have a thick skin), my children (a.k.a "the monsters") and my ever entertaining family (I am the oldest of 5 children). I am looking forward to sharing my reflections.....hope you enjoy!!!  K


  1. Kelly, I'm excited that you've started a blog! Look forward to reading all of your adventures!!