My Family

My Family

Monday, May 16, 2011

Days like today.....

It is a beautiful spring day in Southeastern are my thoughts on days like today.

On days like today, all my dreams of moving south to warmer weather go right out the window. I love looking up at that big blue sky and close my eyes as the sun warms my face (my family is familiar with this strange behavior, as I grin like a lunatic while doing it). Days like today are perfect for wiggling my bare toes in the grass and take in the smell of a fresh mowed lawn (okay, and the manure down the road, but still). I will find every reason possible to NOT do housework and spend my day putzing outside (yet here I sit typing, ha!). On days like today, I can't wait for the kids to get home so we can go hiking, or to the park, or just bounce on the trampoline together. I look forward to a bonfire at night, while roasting marshmallows with my family and listening to my children's laughter.
Days like today, I look at all the beauty surrounding me and think about my Grandpa Huber, who was an amazing artist and loved capturing all of it. I miss going to the park at Grandma Huber's house and drinking crystal light lemonade with her (our minus the vodka of course). I realize how lucky I am, and am so thankful that I have another day like this to enjoy.
Days like today, I think about my dad and how amazing it is that he is with us another spring.  I think that I shouldn't complain about my condition when there is such wonder to behold outside. On day like's pretty amazing to be alive.
On that's too damn nice, I am going to play outside and wait for the school bus!!!


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