My Family

My Family

Friday, May 6, 2011

My "mom" thoughts...

It is hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly, here we are at Mother's Day weekend again.  When I think about being a mom, there are lots of little things that pop into my head. Like, the sweet smell of a new baby or the sound of my daughter's "belly laugh" (it sound an awful lot like mine...poor girl) I think of Cameron's dimples, and Seth's dazzling smile.  I think about my mom threatening to give us "puppy kisses"...with her teeth out (yea, I know...weird, but one of my favorite memories). I think of Grandma Peterson taking us blueberry picking, and force feeding us raspberry zingers, or of Grandma Huber's crazy clothes and love of clowns.
Each of the mom's in my life have taught me so many things, and not just my mom and grandmothers...but my dear friends.  My friend Bobbie, has taught me that humor is the only way to make it through some days. My dear Mikelene has taught me that moms are so much stronger than they even know (including herself). My friend Kirsten has taught me that even while dedicating yourself completely to your children you can pursue your dreams and achieve anything.
And while I still struggle to figure out this whole mom thing, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I don't know it all....and I never will. Do I worry about the future? Every damn day! Am I scared?  Absolutely!!  But that is the best part sometimes. 
So for mothers day, I thought of not just what it takes to be a mom, but what it takes to be a told to me (or demonstrated) by some of my favorite goes.

-A girl must never go out without looking and feeling her best.  (Grandma Huber)
-It okay to play in the dirt, do grunt work and sweat....a good man will admire that. (my momma)
-Always, always, always show your partner how much you love them. (Grandma Peterson)
-Never leave the house without some sort of girly scent on. (Mom and my bff Bobbie)
-Don't be afraid of a little sparkle. (Grandma H., royal moms, and Melchelle)
-"Don't you worry about what those f*#@ers say, you are beautiful!"(Grandma Huber)
-With cute underwear and a sexy bra, even in your grubbies you feel sexy! (Mom)

Those are just a few...I really have to start writing more stuff down!  I hope you all have a fabulous Mother's Day!  I will be enjoying mine walking in the Race for the Cure, in honor of my daddy.  K

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