My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I've been otherwise detained.....

Well, it has nearly a month since my last post.  You are probably wondering what I have been up to....or not.  Regardless, let me fill you in.
Since our camping trip on Memorial weekend, we have been so busy!  The kids finished out another year of school, all three moving on to the next grade. Cameron finished with straight A's!  Seth will be going to the summer school program. Given his hearing impairment, he struggles a bit with reading and letter sounds, so this will help him to not fall behind in the summer.  As much as I try to stay on top of reading for the summer, time gets away from us and before you know it summer is gone...probably makes me a bad mom, but whatever.  Alayna is super excited for first grade and for the new dance season to start. 
The kids have already had sleepovers, trips to the pool, lots of outdoor play, and are enjoying the summer reading program at the public library.  Jimmy and I have had a few date nights, which is extremely rare. We went to a Twins game, saw some movies and enjoyed some nice dinners. I have finished planting my garden and have already picked some radishes for Jimmy.  I have started a new planting bed in the front yard and am already planning the next project.  Our reservations for our adventure at Wisconsin Dells have been made, and we are so excited!! Neither Jimmy or myself have ever been, I think we are looking forward to it more than the kids. 
This past weekend, Jimmy and I went to the cities for our monthly family night with my dad and my siblings.  We met at Dusty's in Northeast for good! There was much laughter, as always and lots of great conversation.  We did our customary picking on Kristin....she makes a pretty easy target.  Eric wore the craziest pants I have ever seen him wear, put he rocked 'em!   And of course Aaron was in a brightly colored shirt with a hat to match...ever the fashionista.  I love them so very much.
Our summer continues to fill up, we only have 2 open weekends left on the calendar.  So many more adventures to have and lots more to share with you.  Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!

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