My Family

My Family

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation changes a kid.....

It's been awhile....and we've been very busy! As many of you know, we recently took a mini-vacation to Wisconsin Dells.  We stayed at Mount Olympus and had a fantastic time!!  This was not only the kids first time to the Dells, but mine and Jimmy's as well.  We spent our entire 3 days soaking up the sun in the water and theme parks.  There was so much to do that we didn't find time for anything else. 
While on our vacation, my children became new people.  I was amazed at the things that they tried and did without any coaxing from us.  Cameron, our otherwise cautious child, wading out as far as he could in the wave pool and took those 15 foot waves like a pro!  He ventured to the tallest waterslide...with a straight down drop I might add, and coasted down like he'd been doing it for years.  He tackled roller coasters and perfected his go cart driving skills.  I would say that he walked in to the park just a 10 year, he is officially a "tween".  Seth, who without his hearing aids, is usually fairly subdued became a swimming fanatic in just 3 days.  His focus on getting it right and going as far as he could impressed me.  Alayna, who is our dare devil anyway, became so independent that she didn't even want to hang onto us in those big waves by the end of the weekend.  All 3 became more confident and courageous.....I am in awe of my monsters.
Now that we're back at home I see how the changes have affected what they do on a day to day basis.  They go farther on their bike rides, climb higher in the tree, and don't ask for assistance with things that they would have a week ago. 
Maybe we should have gone on vacation a long time ago........K

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