My Family

My Family

Friday, November 18, 2011

Alayna...the hairstylist.

So at 6 years old, Alayna is the epitome of girly. She likes all things glitter, listens to tween music, worships Selena Gomez, and her room is a Barbie haven. So its no surprise that she obsesses a bit about her hair. I know that everyone that has children has likely gone through this, but once is usually enough.  I am talking about the ever impressive self hair cuts! The first time Alayna cut her hair, she chose to cut her bangs. She was 3 years old and it was to be expected I guess. She cut them right down to the scalp so that the top of her forehead looked like it had little spikes sticking out of it. We nearly got them grown back to normal....and it happened again. This was about a year later.
Now you may ask, why aren't they hiding the scissors? Believe me, I tried. Now one would hope that the 2nd time would be enough...but not for A. While cleaning up the living room about a year and a half ago...I stumbled upon a pile of hair along side the couch. I find Miss A sporting a mullet like hairstyle and super short bangs. Awesome.
We have not had an incident since that last hair cut...until yesterday. GAH!!! Her hair had grown out nicely and she has a super cut bob cut, her bangs could have used a just a trim. But no, let's just hack off a big chunk of hair alongside her face! When I asked her why she keeps cutting her hair she replied "It was getting in my eyes." Sheesh.
I am at a loss as to how to stop this. Maybe I should just resign to the fact that maybe my daughter is meant to be a hairstylist. My Auntie Juliette will love this, as now there will be a family member to take over her salon :)
Do your kids like to cut their hair? If so, is once enough? Thoughts on getting her to stop???? Talk amongst yourselves.....K

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