My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My sissy...KK.

I apologize for completely by passing the holiday season this year my wasn't my favorite one to date, so I didn't really feel compelled to write about it. I am, however, compelled to write about my little sister, Kristin, who tomorrow turns 26.
I remember when she was born, I was in first grade. It was very exciting to become a big sister again...I already loved Eric so much, wouldn't it be great to have another girl in the house?! And it was, until she was about 5 or so...then she became the epitome of obnoxious little sister. She followed my friends and I around, she got into my stuff (well, everyone's stuff...her nickname was "The grabber"), she blamed things on others, and she knew how to push our buttons. Sadly, my daughter does some of these same things to her brothers. Anyway...we didn't always get along. There was a lot of hair pulling and yelling and throwing of things. There were many times that I didn't want to be anywhere near her! And I am sure she felt the same way happens when there is nearly a 7 year age gap.
We are so different and yet, so very much alike. We have completely different tastes in food, some music, and clothing. She loves caring for people and I would rather deal with animals. She has lead a pretty wild life...mine has been only moderately wild (although some may disagree). I love tattoos and she was terrified to get her first one.  But the similarities we share are far more important. We both act as "mom" quite often, we both have big personalities and distinctive laughs, we have short fuses and love like crazy. We live to spend time with our family...even as crazy as they are. We have a warped sense of humor (envision two girls laughing like hyneas while watching people slip on the ice) And we're both pretty big dreamers.
Aside from Jimmy and I, I don't know anyone that loves my children as much as she does. And they love their auntie just as much in return. As we have traveled through this life, and it has not alway been easy...we have become more than just sisters...we're pretty darn good friends. And although I may not always agree with the things she does (I wouldn't expect her to approve of everything I do), I love her unconditionally...and that, my friends, will never change.
So here's to you...KK...I love you!! Happy Birthday!!

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