My Family

My Family

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Preparing for a move is a huge undertaking...especially when moving 2 adults, 3 children, 3 cats and all their stuff to another state. And while I complain about not having money and wishing I had some new things, I am inspired by a friends recent blog about needing less. This week I have also watched a couple of shows that really put into perspective the world of excess that we live is insane!
I've always considered myself to careful about not letting my children have too much of any given thing, whether it be toys, games, clothes, or what have you. Still, as I do laundry today, I find that my children have so many clothes that their drawers don't close completely and usually they wear the same clothes regularly as they never get to the bottom of the drawer. I will admit, that my dresser is much the same. In looking at all of the things that are in excess in our house, I am ashamed that I have let it come to this. My craft room alone is a case study in over purchasing!
So beginning today, I am purging. Purging my home of all things in excess in an attempt to simplify our lives. There is no need to have 2 video game consoles and 4 plug and play games or to hang onto the preschool age toys that linger in Alayna's toy box. We don't HAVE to have 4 sets of sheets for each bed in the house, I just wash the ones that are on the beds and put them back on anyway. Do we really need 8 sleds for 3 kids? Or 3 different types of slip n slides?
Ridding the house of the excess stuff will definetly make our move less of a task, and will, hopefully, teach my family that less is more. Take a moment to think about much excess is in your home? Do you really NEED it? Happy Tuesday all...I'm off to sort through my dresser drawers. K

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  1. And it will feel so good! Way to go! Thanks for joining in!!