My Family

My Family

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There is a method to my madness....

Happy New Year friends!!  It is hard to believe that another year has passed us by. It is more hard to believe that this year will mark 15 years since my high school graduation!! Ouch!
Most people that I know put some sort of resolution in place at the beginning of a new year, myself included. However, I am not so good at keeping them...nor is anyone else I know. I always throw in the required exercise more, eat healthier, lose a bazillion know how that goes. But this year, with the big changes that will be taking place for us, I have added a couple that I think will be crucial in the success of our big move.
The first....Get organized!! Those that know me best know that I sort of enjoy the controlled chaos that is my life. If it's in a pile somewhere, I know exactly where to find it. But if I put it in a specific place?? Forget it! So here are a couple of things that I have in place to help me with this resolution. The first is a garage sale prep basket in my laundry room. I know that it seems crazy to think about it now, but garage sales are a lot of work. The thing I dislike the most is pricing items. So I have created a basket in the laundry room that will allow me to immediately put aside outgrown clothes and price them. Once the basket is full, I will move them to a plastic bin until spring.

The second, and I've had this for awhile and have been bad about using it, is a space for all things school related. You know, lunch menus, basketball schedule, spelling lists...blah, blah, blah. The amount of paperwork sent home from school is absolutely mind boggling. So here is my solution......

This is a wall mounted magazine rack that I picked up at Ikea for $10. I labeled each slot for my kiddos and all of their important papers go here. Any artwork that I want to save, goes into memory boxes in my scrapbook area or I take photos of the larger ones to be put into books at a later time.
As I continue to work on this ever expanding organization project, I will fill you in on my progress. Good luck with your own resolutions....K


  1. sooooo what big changes are coming this year?!

  2. I get asked this a lot...and no, its not a baby :) Jimmy started a new Decorah Iowa. We will be moving at the end of the school year.