My Family

My Family

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little about me (and my many neuroses)

So much of my blog thus far has been about my kids or my family, and that's really what its about. However, I feel like some of me is lost in there somewhere. So I have decided to share with you some of the things that make Kelly, well, Kelly. I also want to remain completely open, I am pretty proud of who I am...strange obsessions and all. I like to think that these things are why my friends and family love me, although I think its more that they love me DESPITE these things. So here goes....

First and foremost, I hate when my food touches on the plate. I have been known to throw out an entire meal because juice from one dish ran into another, making it completely inedible. At least in my mind. I don't do hot dishes, I can't stand gravy, and the idea of putting a dessert type food on the same plate as my main dinner?? Well, forget that. I eat all of my meals on divided plates. My parents have even made sure to have plates handy just for me. You must understand that they did not create this behavior, because if you saw my siblings eat...well let's just say you'd wonder how we came from the same home.Also, I NEVEReat meat off of a bone. Just the tought of it makes me cringe....Ick. I try very hard to ensure that my kids don't repeat the behavior. They know how I feel, and mostly they laugh at me. Expect for when it comes to juice from your food making your bread soggy...I know a lot of people bothered by that.
I have an extreme aversion to eyeballs. Now, I went to vet tech school and dissected just about everything you can imagine, even a cat that looked just like mine. That was all fine, until it came to the cow eye. My skin crawls, I get the heeby jeebies and nearly scream at the thought of even looking at it. Jimmy had a stye once, and I tried (no really, I did), but as soon as he pulled his lower eyelid down I came unhinged. Alayna develops pink eye after a cold...this is my worst nightmare!
I have an irrational fear of things under the bed. Yes, I know that I'm 32 years old and really I should just get over it. So, my bed is always against a wall and I never sleep with my back facing an open area. You know, so things can't sneak up on me.I always have my feet wrapped up, even in the summer. And my hands are always under a blanket or pillow, I would hate to have something reach up and grab hold of one of my extremities. Also, all the closets in the house must be closed before I go to bed, even if I can't see it. The idea of a big black hole somewhere in the house freaks me out.

So those are the top three things that most people find odd about me. Heck, I even find them odd! But I laugh at myself about it, and that's the most important part. I may be a little crazy, but aren't we all? Cameron said to me once "Mom, I like that you're a little crazy." Let's see how he feels about that in a couple of years. I hope I gave you a little laugh today, just typing this out made me shake my head. ---K

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