My Family

My Family

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A day with A.

I am a couple of days behind in writing about my day with Alayna this past Monday. I often use doctor appointments as an excuse to keep my kids home with me all day, even though they have plenty of time to go back to school. It's my way of ensuring I get a little one on one time with each of my monsters every now and again. This week, Alayna had her first eye exam, resulting in glasses. After Cameron's heart issues and Seth's hearing issues, glasses seem so mild. Her appointment was at 9am, but I decided we needed a Mom/Alayna day, as she has taken to calling them. Also, her pupils were dilated and it probably wouldn't be ideal to send her back to school that way.
We had many Mom/Alayna days back when she was in preschool, and getting to spend a little time with her alone made me realize how much I miss it. She is my favorite lunch date and shopping partner. We went to Noodles for lunch, where all she has to say is "I'll have my usual Mom." Granted, she has two usuals...but that's not important. We enjoy our noodle-y numminess and talk about what we will do for the rest of the afternoon. "Let's get our nails done!", she says. "Or we could go to Hobby Lobby and look at doll house stuff, or we can go to the mall and go to my favorite store." (which is Justice), she continues. We settle on Hobby Lobby and Target.
Her window shopping skills impress me, and her creativity when she spots something in a craft store is pretty awesome.
On our way home, she always entertains me with her crazy dance moves in the rearview mirror. She does a pretty sweet sprinkler and macarena. The best part of our Mom/Alayna days, however, are when she asks when her brothers will be home because she misses them. Makes my heart melt every damn time.
The older my children get, the more I realize how important the one on one time is. We don't even have to do much, they just like to be the center of attention. In the day to day chaos of our household, a little quiet time with Mom is always a nice treat (and I kinda like it too). I am looking forward to the next Mom/Alayna day, but have to spend some Mom/Dudes time first.....K
A enjoying her "usual" Noodles Mac and Cheese.

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