My Family

My Family

Friday, March 16, 2012

Food for the friends.

I have had an extraoridinarily long week...lots of tears and disappointment and stress. Today all that was washed away by spending just a few hours with a very dear friend. To some it may seem silly for me to drive an hour and a half to spend only 3 hours at the mall, but it was totally worth it.
Back when I met my friend Mikelene, we were brand new associates in a brand new PetSmart store. I've said before that the best thing to come out of the decade that I spent with the company was the friends that I still have today. My mom always said that I wouldn't meet my forever friends until adulthood, and with the exception of a couple, she was dead on. Mikelene and I were both a little wild back then.... spending our nights at know, typical late teens stuff. We moved up the ranks in the company and that's when our friendship really took shape. We grew up a lot, became wives and mothers, shared the same hobbies and have the same crazy sense of humor.
I don't have a lot of girlfriends, but the ones I do have are not your typical "girly girls". They like to drink from time to time, they have potty mouths, and boy, do they have some stories to tell. They are all super creative, and talented beyond words (maybe I'm a little biased). Have you ever had a friend that when you hug them, you don't want to let go? Or you don't have to say a single word, just one look and they know exactly what you're thinking? I have a couple of those and I wouldn't trade them for the world.
Our time today was short, but it was so long overdue that it didn't matter. A good friend, some good food and a trip to Archiver's...what could be better. And while today was wonderful, I sure didn't want it to end. That's why I am so excited for tomorrow!! I get to spend an entire day with my Bobbie, and then we head to "Grandma's House" in Ellsworth for an impromtu crafty weekend with our retreat girls. I am desperately in need of the laughter that is sure to fill the next two days. Expect Monday's blog to be full of funny pictures of my crazy girls....K

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