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My Family

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Great Girl Gathering

This past weekend, the crew and I headed to Mall of America for the Great Girl Gathering, celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts. Now, I wasn't in Girl Scouts as a kid, so I really had no idea what kind of following it had (besides cookies), until last year when Alayna started as a Daisy. I didn't even know there were Daisies! Anywho, the kids had been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. We go to the mall on a somewhat regular basis, but the kids very rarely get to go on rides, it's just too crazy expensive for a family our size.(we did our entire weekend on coupons) So, not only did we get to go on rides, we got to stay in a hotel, swim in a pool and have lots of fun.
We were up early Saturday morning, and everyone was wound up. I was hoping for naps on the way to the such luck. We arrived at the mall an hour before it was scheduled to open...HOLY CRAZY!! The rotunda was packed full with Girl Scouts and their families, friends, troop leaders, etc. And, it seemed, everyone else's children were just as wound up and excited as my three. It was only 9 and I was ready for the day to be over! After manuvering our way through this insane crowd, the kids and I started right in on the rides. Jimmy wasn't able to join us until later in the day.
This was one of the first rides we went on, I never buy those pictures they take of you on the ride, but this one I had to. I need not explain why...A's face says it all. Despite fearing for her life, my girl continued to ride all morning. We planned ahead for an early lunch, to beat the crazy crowds and did a  little shopping. Then, back to the this time, I had a headache and wanted a hot tub.

The Dudes enjoying a ride.
We were able to check into the hotel early and enjoy some swim (and a little hot tub) time. Jimmy joined us and we went to dinner with another Girl Scout family (Alayna's best friend). Lots of laughs and way too much food later, back to the mall for some night riding. My dear friend Ashley was in town and came out to the mall to say hi. Alayna, Cameron, and I rode the Fairly Odd Roller Coaster, during which Alayna screamed..."I'm going to barf!!" The idea of spaghetti and breadsticks flying around a crazy roller coaster car just about made me barf myself. Once again undeterred, she went on to ride two more roller coasters. A little more swim time and lights out for us, only to get back to the mall in the morning.
I am a crazy mom, and will do just about anything for my kiddos...including waiting in line for a special 100th anniversary Girl Scout bear at Build A Bear.
While the line outside the store moved fairly quickly(once the mall opened), the line inside to stuff, dress and pay for your bear was almost too much to handle. (all total...3 hours) To top off the super fun weekend, Alayna and the boys were able to see one of their favorite Disney Channel stars, Chyna Ann McClain, perform. Alayna's smile was so big, it made all the waiting worth it.

A quick visit to Dad and a couple of other stops and we finally headed home.
The ride home was smooth, until we got just about 15 miles from home...and my trusty van died...I was hoping for a nicer end to a pretty darn nice weekend. But, you can't always get what you want. It was a super busy, crazy, fun weekend and I am so glad we were able to take the kids on this adventure. I sure do love making memories!!! K

She loves her Angry Birds.

Alayna's new bear, Leslie.

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