My Family

My Family

Monday, September 10, 2012

Has it really been that long??

Shame on me....I've been absent for far too long.  I have received a number of texts and messges wondering if everything is okay with me, given my hiatus.  A lot has happened in these last few months.... A LOT! So much that is would take forever and a day to type it all out.  Let's just say, we've been busy.  Our summer quickly got away from us and here we are, nearly the middle of September!  Granted, we spent the first month of our summer getting settled into our new house. 
Honestly,  I've stepped back from the blog a bit because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.  I was debating whether or not to follow one particular path with it.  And then it came it life doesn't stay on one particular path, EVER! So, I will just go with it...and the blog will follow.  Really, my life is only going to get busier.  I have three entertaining children, my family is kooky, my friends are hilarious, I have a million hobbies, and I'm working on starting this cake business.  I have lots to talk about, I just hope I have the listeners.
That being said,  this week is extremely full.  But what I'm looking forward to the most is this weekend.  Junk Bonanza!!!  Believe me, there will be lots of photos to follow.  I am spending the day with my mom and cannot wait.  Also, its my brother Eric's 30th birthday.  I can't believe it.  You know, it almost feels like I should continue to get older but my little brothers and sisters should always be just that...little. (said with a loud sigh) There will be much hilarity this week, and I can't wait to share it with you. -K

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  1. Thats why mine is called my life...cause nothing is ever the same. Its my life. Congrats on all the changes. And happy birthday to your brother Eric!