My Family

My Family

Monday, November 19, 2012

One crazy weekend...

It's been awhile since I've last shared some of our adventures.  This past weekend was definetly one worth sharing. After a week of dealing with sickness, from a stomach bug to a head cold and even including pink eye, we kept our plans for going to the Mall of America for a day of fun.  Of course, there was work to be done first.
On Friday,  I met my friend Shawn at Mayo Civic Center to get set up for our craft show the following day.  I have never participated in such a big show...300+ vendors!!  We had a nice "chick" night, Shawn attempted to teach me how to crochet.  The jury is still out on that.  I went to bed far too late (I crashed on their couch) and before you know it, we were up and headed out to the big show.  It was a success for both of us and we are looking forward to doing it again next year.  Even better is that I only managed to spend $25...impressive, especially considering all the amazing things that people had handmade.  Jimmy and the kids picked me up and off we went to our hotel in Bloomington.  We no more than set our bags in the room and the kids were changing into swim suits!  Even with all the excitement we were all passed out by 10:00.
We got to the mall early to get our wristbands and as soon as the rides opened we were busy!  It seems that we always ride the Danny Phantom ride first (A calls it the big purple ride), it makes our tummies tickle and we laugh hysterically every time!  This trip to Nickelodeon Universe was extra special for two reasons.  First, we were celebrating Seth's birthday and second, Alayna is now tall enought to ride everything!  We followed that first ride with the log chute and the "Pepsi ride", as Alayna calls it. 
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and did some's where our day got weird.  Alayna decided she wanted to finally get her ears pierced, I was so excited!!  So we went to Claire's, she jumped right up in the chair all smiles and ready to go.  And then...the first earring went in.  Oh. My. God!!!  The tears and screaming that!  She clamped her hand over the other ear and wouldn't let anyone near it.  We took a break and she calmed down, got back in the chair again with smiles and looked ready to go.  Once that gun came way!!  Long story short, TWO HOURS later, we walked out with only one ear pierced. Sigh...
It was maddening and embarassing and sad and frustrating....sheesh.  Worst of all I have an extra earring, and when we go to get the other one done, I have to buy a whole new set!  It was really hard to get back into fun mode after that, but we managed.  Alayna took her first trip on some of the bigger rides, and I finally got to ride the Spongebob roller coaster! (I usually am the one to sit and wait with the ones that are too small)  We topped our visit off with Cold Stone and made the trek home.
Now, our weekend wouldn't be complete without a gushing bloody nose halfway home while trying to eat.  Poor Seth man is so prone to them during the colder months.  Oh, and when we got home at 9...I discovered that we still had homework to do!! 
We had a really great time, all thing considered.  But, I must admit...I am SO glad it's over!!  Maybe we'll have better luck next time :)  K

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