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My Family

Thursday, January 24, 2013

On bowling and "dating"

Well friends, it has been just over two months since my last post.  I have been busy, yes.  But honestly, I fell into a bit of a holiday season funk.  Being in a new town so far from my friends and family was especially hard on me this year and I found myself not even wanting to do the things that I enjoy. But now I am feeling much better and am ready to make a serious go at keeping you on the up and up in regard to the haps in the nuthouse.  And hopefully, entertain you a little.
So, yesterday was an early release day for my kids.  We have them every other Wednesday here.  During the early release afternoons, our local bowling alley offers FREE bowling!  So, Alayna's girl scout troop decided to have a fun meeting at the bowling alley.  HOLY MAYHEM!! All of the kids come in a park their shoes right by the front door, it's like my side door area times 20.  They're running around and yelling, then throw in your typical bowling alley sounds and smells....I was on sensory overload within about 10 minutes of walking in.  Luckily, the leader brought sample girl scout cookies for snacking.  No worries, I have plenty of activity points saved.
Alayna bowled with her friends and the boys bowled with theirs.  Cameron ended up having a bowling ball dropped on his toe.  He tried really hard to not cry, but that shit hurts!  And I would have been bawling my eyes out...screw being cool. I have a confession to make....the stress of being in that place made me cave. I ate some cheese curds and they were divine! Bless those folks working at the bowling alley for taking on all those kids, they are far better people than I could ever be.  I'd have to be half in the bag before all those kids showed up.
On our way home, Cameron notified me that he might be "dating" a new girl.  His last girlfriend moved to a new school.  When I asked her name, he replied "Uh, I don't really know". Huh...okay...."How can someone maybe be your girlfriend if you don't know her name?" I asked.  "Well, so and so knows her and they told her that I thought she was pretty and I guess we might be dating or something." Uhhhhh huh. A little while later, he remembered her name, Lydia. And because my brain is a little messed up, I automatically launch into the Lydia the tattooed lady know the one. (it's stuck in your head now, you're welcome)
Now I don't have an issue with Cameron having a girlfriend, the girls like him. And can you blame them? He's adorable! But I don't ever recall having a "boyfriend" and not being able to remember his name. I very clearly remember my first "boyfriend", his name was John and we were in first grade.  We allow Cameron to go skating and such with the girls that he likes. I went on my first "date" when I was in 6th grade, with Chris Molitor.  His brother drover us in his Fiero to the East Bethel theater to see Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  We held hands the whole time.  He also gave me an Extreme cassette tape for my birthday and an i.d. bracelet with my name on it for Valentines's Day, sigh. Sorry, got caught up in my reminiscing.
So Cameron is discovering girls....he still doesn't want to dance with them because he is afraid. Jimmy doesn't like to dance either, so I get it. I've made myself available to teach him how when he's ready. (Cameron, not Jimmy) I find myself wondering if I am doing enough to prepare him, and is our example been one that will lead him to make good decisions and treat girls nicely.  I hope so. Your thoughts or advice here would be much appreciated, my friends.  This is all new territory for me and poor Cameron is the experiment kid.  Seth will be worse because he's been checking out girls since he was a toddler!  Oy!
Well that's the latest buzz from the nuthouse...have a great day all!  -K

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