My Family

My Family

Monday, November 4, 2013

Family fun time

For each of our children's birthdays, we let them choose one fun, family activity that they would like to do.  As of now, they still enjoy this.  I will take advantage of this special time, as I know that it won't last forever.  Seth turned 11 last week and his choice was to go to Nickelodeon Universe as a family.  My weekend started with a road trip to Elk River with A to work a craft show all day Saturday.  It isn't very often I get one on one time with my little lady anymore, so it was so wonderful to spend the time with her.  We got to spend the day with my Mom, my best friend, and my sister. 
Jimmy and all three boys joined us on Saturday evening for swimming in the hotel pool.  The hotel thing is becoming more of challenge as the kids get bigger, requiring two rooms or, in this case, one with a sofa sleeper. 
We got up Sunday morning and went to visit Melchelle, my Stepmom (well, not legally but that doesn't is family, right?).  We even got a little time in with my youngest brother, Aaron.  The kids absolutely love him! Then off to the mall we went.  Once we picked up our wristbands, we were off and running.  To top off the excitement, my sister and her boyfriend, along with my brother Eric joined us.  It did my heart good to spend the day with them, Seth was so excited that everyone took the time to come see him. 
We did our usual loop of rides, had a little lunch (a family of six all wanting different things and a packed food court...awesome) and then went back to the rides.  This is where our day went crazy.  So, the kids love the log chute ride. Who doesn't right?!  And, in all the hundreds of times I've ridden that ride, I've never gotten wet.  Well....not this time.  Alayna, Jimmy, Seth and myself were all in one boat...which was probably our mistake.  Alayna was in front and I was sitting behind her.  Water came up and over the front of the boat and into our laps not once, not twice, but three times during our ride!! After the first time, A was inconsolable and, quite literally, tried to climb out of the boat.  To make it worse, the lady at the top of the very last drop waved at us like we should be having the time of our lives.  Do you not see this 8 year old girl trying to climb out of the f-ing boat?!  Don't smile and wave at me Cheery try to hold a wet kid down while dropping from the damn ceiling in a f-ing log boat! Sigh, okay, I feel better.  Alayna was soaked all the way through her clothes, I'm talking socks, shoes, and even her undies.  I was lucky enough to just have my jeans soaked.  We came off the ride to slews of people staring at us.  Not sure if it was because of the soaked clothes or my daughter's screams. to Old Navy we went for a mad dash through clearance racks to find a new outift for A, complete with socks and undies.  Along with some new jeans for me.  Crisis handled...for now.
A little bit later, Seth decided that he no longer wanted the wheels in his heelies.  He left the tool at home so Jimmy hands him the keyring.  Before telling Seth to use the tool type thing that was on the ring, Seth proceeds to use the car key and snaps it in two!!  At this point in our day, we really couldn't say anything. We didn't really know what to say.  Well, I knew what I wanted to say, but swearing like a maniac in the middle of Mall of America didn't seem very productive. Luckily, my husband is a mechanic and was able to figure out how to get the car started to get home, but geez...can we do anything without incident?  I mean, really?! 
No matter how much planning I do, or what I pack, it always seems that we end having some sort of SNAFU.   I often wonder if I give up planning everything, maybe things will go smoothly.  But who am I kidding, this is me we're talking about.  My life is nothing if not entertaining.  Lucky for me, my life pre-kids was much the same, so I've learned to laugh it off.  If I couldn't do that...well, we'd probably never leave the house.  So, we'll continue to have adventures and make memories.  I will still try to plan everything even if we never follow the plan, and I will continue to share our crazy adventures.  This coming weekend we actually have nothing planned, could it be that we won't have some sort of crazy incident???  Yea.... I doubt it too.    -K

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