My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gratitude Challenge: Week 4 & 5

I have been greatly distracted by preparation for Girl Scout cookie season, so I'm a little late. Also, I purposely chose to group these two topics together. Week 4 is a family member, I chose my Grandpa Huber. Week 5 is something someone gave you, and I chose a piece of art work that my Grandpa gave me for my 13th birthday.

This is my Grandpa, Robert "Bob" Huber. (that's me with him) My Grandpa was such a fixture in my childhood. He taught me about art, World War II, the big bands, wildlife, and how to swing dance. He was a World War II veteran, a wildlife artist, and as we called him, a gentle giant. Imagine, if you will, a pint sized me being thrown around a room by a rather large man "teaching" me how to swing dance. I laughed hysterically along with my Grandpa that afternoon. It is, by far, my favorite memory of him. He was a memory keeper and a fountain of knowledge. He had a contagious laugh and a perpetual smile on his face. I still hear his voice, deep and gravelly, saying "That's the way the cookie crumbles, Kelly Girl." Or telling my mom, "Good gravy, Minnow." (even if there wasn't any gravy on the plate)
My Cameron was fortunate enough to inherit his artistic abilities. Believe it or not, my Grandpa was color blind! This a painting that he gave me for my 13th birthday.
I have multiple other paintings done by my Grandpa, but this one was done especially for me. And, as a result, is my favorite.  Even though my children, or my husband, never had the chance to meet him. I am able to share his artwork with them, and by doing so, they can see a little into my childhood. I would spend hours watching him draw in his room (he lived with us for awhile when I was a kid).  He never kicked me out. He would explain what he was doing, show me how to use the airbrush, share with me his inspiration and we would listen to the big bands on his record player.
I was fortunate enough to have my Grandpa until I was 17. Then cancer reared it's ugly head and took him from us much too soon. But the memories I have are precious, and I get the occasional visit from him in my dreams or the blue jays that show up in my backyard.  I am so grateful to have had such close relationships with all of my Grandparents, they truly shaped who I am today.  -K

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