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My Family

Friday, May 1, 2015

Month 2: Plateaus

So, in month two of my big weight loss adventure, I have struggled with plateaus. The scale has not been my friend for a very long time, 14 years to be exact. Since having children, it has been a constant up and down battle. Then, when Alayna was a year old, I found out about my Hashimoto's. Since then, the lack of movement on the scale pisses me off even more because I know that despite my efforts and hard work, the numbers on the scale won't move like they would for others. I am frustrated that some of the others in my Big Loser group are seeing far better results and I am working just as hard as all of them. I am upset that just by replacing french fries with fruits and veggies, my kids are losing weight and I have been sitting at the same weight for 3 weeks.
I am at a total loss of 1.66%, and feel like giving up. I know that my body works different than everyone else. But that doesn't change the fact that I am discouraged. I really do try to look at the positive though. I am down 4.5 inches and 1% in body fat. That's pretty good, right? I feel stronger and my clothes fit better. I have more energy than I did before. Well, on most days, sometimes my stupid thyroid tells my body that it can't get out of bed. But, for the most part, I have far more energy.
So, I enter into the third month of the contest with a goal in mind. Beat this plateau. That's it. Even if it's just a pound, I need to get past this number. I am trying different workouts and pushing myself hard than I have in the last two months. I have all but given up my Diet Coke (never thought I'd see the day) and coffee (that was easy). I feel good about the choices that I make and the work that I am doing, but it is hard to stay motivated when the results aren't where you hoped they would be.
But, I'll keep on truckin'....because I intend to finish what I started. -K

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