My Family

My Family

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hard hats, bubbles, and food....OH MY!!!

As posted on Facebook, I made a whole slew of hard hat cakes. I am sure many were wondering..."What is that weirdo up to now?"  Last night, I had the opportunity to attend and participate in the annual Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity volunteer appreciation dinner.
Now, volunteer work had not been high on my to do list since my days as a Columbia Heights Princess/Miss Congeniality (go ahead and laugh...I used to be cute AND nice, go figure). We did a number of things in Heights, like work with the food shelf during their holiday toy/food drive.  That was most rewarding, as just a few years prior my mom had to take advantage of such a program to give us a proper Christmas.  We cleaned the highway along University Avenue and visited the local nursing home on a regular basis.
In this past year, I really wanted to get back into volunteer work.  One would think that animals would be my natural choice...which is why I opted for something completely different. (not to say that I don't love animals, I have that condition where I feel I must save them all) So off to Habitat I went.
I have yet to spend time on a work site, but look forward to doing that soon. I have participated in the holiday gift wrapping fundraiser, and met amazing families that will be receiving Habitat homes.  I helped in the planning and prepartion for the Tour de Habitat just last month.  I also spend one day a week helping out in the habitat office.  It feels amazing to be doing good again...who knew I had it in me?
Last night, my family and I were surrounded by amazing volunteers.  I was completely in awe of the amount of hours some of these people put towards helping others.  I can only strive to be like them.  It made my heart swell to see my children interact with such inspirational people and really take the idea of helping others to heart.  I do believe even Jimmy is ready to spend more time volunteering. I can't wait to make this a family project.
If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, I urge you to give Habitat a try. Not to say that there aren't TONS of other places that need help. I went into Habitat with preconceived ideas about they did and what they stood for...boy was I wrong!!  Habitat is filled with amazing staff, volunteers and families and I am a much better person for having shared even a small amount of time with them.
Until next time....K

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why a blog????

I have been considering starting a blog for sometime now. Why??  Oddly, I am not entirely sure.  My life is continual insanity, with a sprinkle of drama, a dash of stress(okay more than a dash), and whole heap of laughter and love.  Maybe I am looking for an outlet, or maybe I want to share my crazy, wonderful world with everyone...I will let you know as this unfolds.  I haven't added photos yet...but will.  My profile is empty as of now...but that's okay. Many of you that few these first few posts know me quite well already (you poor suckers).
Most of what I write will be about my husband (he better have a thick skin), my children (a.k.a "the monsters") and my ever entertaining family (I am the oldest of 5 children). I am looking forward to sharing my reflections.....hope you enjoy!!!  K