My Family

My Family

Monday, September 19, 2011

Trying to stay above water.....

There can be many struggles in the day to day of being a SAHM (stay at home mom, for those that are not good with acronyms). My latest struggle, and I am sure it is not uncommon, is trying to manage the chaos while also trying to remain sane. Difficult, I know. Just when I feel like things are clearing up a bit....WHAM!! I get hit with a week that is non-stop. The schedule gets so full you can't even find time to pee, let alone get everything on the list done. It is smothering and stressful and completely ridiculous!
For example, this week is insane. Today is cheer camp day, Alayna will not be home until 5...then it's Girl Scouts, dinner, baths, homework, bed. Tomorrow is worse, cheer camp, dance, dinner, send 2 monsters to the Jensens, meeting in Rochester with Cameron, dinner somewhere in there, homework, baths, bed...oh and my new Tuesday night shows are on! I swear, if I miss Parenthood.....let's just say it won't be pretty. Anywho, you get the world is chaos. Add to the day to day, doctors appointments, trying to start a business, worrying about my dad, money woes, and trying to keep my house's a wonder I don't drink more than I do!
So, this week I am trying something new. I am not going to worry about it...weird right?! I am not going to panic if the dishes aren't done, or if there are toys all over the living room. I am not going to freak out when the boys miss the toilet EVERY morning, or when Alayna loses yet another pair of socks (I swear, I could buy new ones every week). I will refrain from yelling when Jimmy is late (ok, I will try really hard with this one...but I am not making any promises). I am just going to let things happen as they will.
For those that know me, this going to be quite a challenge. I am that "I want it done yesterday" kinda gal. I hate having a mess around me, and I am insanely punctual...usually always early. I put far more stress on myself than necessary, and give up asking for help.
So hopefully next week at this time, I will still have all of my hair, my children will be happy and I will still be married. Here's to a long week, with maybe a hot bubble bath every night. -K

Thursday, September 15, 2011

You wanna know what????

Well, here we are mid September and you know what that means???? It's my little brother's birthday!!!  So, today is all about Eric. Whether he reads this or not, everyone else can know just how much I love that doody head. I have seen lots of posts on facebook about your brother being your first friend, and that couldn't be more true in our case. Despite the 4 year age difference, Eric and I were constant companions. We got ourselves into lots of crazy situations...including me electrocuting him. I know, it explains a lot, right?! We spent much of our days pretending to be a bike gang, or trying to roller skate on gravel roads or Eric's Masters of the Universe action figures would drive semi trucks and move my Barbie's furniture to their new house. That's not to say we didn't the time I got hit in the face with a curtain rod....yes, our house was crazy. (almost like mine now)
We've seen a lot together and been through so much. Eric was my sidekick throughout middle and high school, he was my date screener (he didn't like anyone but Jimmy), he was always the guy passed out on my couch. He bailed me out of some sticky falling asleep on my bathroom floor (it was a long night).
And even though, we don't see each other as much as we would like...I still consider him my first and very best friend. So, as I make his favorite cherry chip cake (someone had to take over when we lost Grandma Huber)...I think of my little Pooper. Happy Birthday Eric!! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is new to me....

As many of you may know, my dad is battling metastatic breast cancer which is now attacking his bones. This all began nearly 5 years ago and the prognosis was not spectacular. We have been given so much more time than we thought and for that, I am grateful. However, now that Daddio is in for the biggest fight yet....I have gotten selfish. I want more time, I want my kids to have more time...I need to get a text from my dad everyday that makes me laugh, its what I live for. 
This process has taken my dad through many courses of treatment, except traditional chemo. That starts this coming Tuesday. I am now gearing up to take care of not only my children and husband, but also step in and  help take care of my dad.  As a kid, you never think this day will come...especially not in your early 30's. Your parents are supposed to be around forever....right? Alas, this is my reality.
I would be lying if I said I always felt like I would be ready to help with taking care of things for my dad...our relationship has been a challenging one. For those that know us know how us Hubers can be :) And for all the hurt that we may have caused each other, amends have been made and I am closer to my dad now than I ever was before. He is our advice giver, our handyman, our realtor (in Eric's case anyway), our mechanic (well everyone but me, mine sleeps in my bed), our in house comedian...and our best friend. we prepare for this next battle, I think to myself....this better eff-ing work, because my daddy can't go anywhere.
I know this is probably a buzz kill on such a beautiful Minnesota day...but it's what on my mind today. Maybe tomorrow I will have something more cheerful......Hugs ~ K