My Family

My Family

Monday, November 28, 2011

A big announcement.....'s not what you think, there are no babies arriving at our house any time ever again.
While spending time with our families this past weekend, we filled them in on a big decision we had to make and now that they know we can pass it on to everyone else.
Those closest to us know that we have had some money struggles, who doesn't these days?! Jimmy was offered a really great job, one that would allow us to get ahead and be able to enjoy life more. One with great benefits (super important for a parent with a hearing impaired child and a child with a heart murmur). A really great Decorah....Iowa.
That's right my friends, this Nordeast girl is going to Iowa. I never thought I'd say that. This is a scary thing for me, much scarier that moving to Plainview. I know very few people, luckily Jimmy knows EVERYBODY. It is even more rural than where I live now. And most importantly, it is farther from my family and friends....I am terrified!
Jimmy starts his new job one week from today. The monsters and I will be staying in Plainview until the end of the school year. Which means, you guessed it....I am doing the married, single parent thing for the next few months. It is going to be hectic, stressful, crazy, and a real test. A test of ourselves and more importantly a test of our relationship.
I am trying to remain positive for the kiddos, I know how hard it is to change schools and make new friends. But inside I am a nervous wreck.
So over the next few months my posts will consist of the trials and tribulations of a "somewhat" single parent, trying to transition to a new community in a new state, the horror of moving, and the ways I make the process easier for my monsters.
After all....I always said I wanted to move south :)  K

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving traditions...or not.

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already upon us. As many of us prepare for the holiday chaos to begin, I got to thinking about traditions. I don't know about you, but in our family it seems to change every year. There are very few things that remain the same and that I would consider "tradition".
This year for instance, we will be traveling to my mom's house. Only it isn't the same mom's house that we have known for the last is a new, smaller house that is home only to my mom and her dog Marley. This will be a big change for our kids, there won't be the farm to play on, chickens to feed or eggs to gather.
This year will also mark the first without my Grandpa Peterson. There won't be anymore watching the twinkle in his eye as mom serves him his favorite....the turkey neck. And while growing up I thought the sight of him eating it was gross...I am really going to miss it. The attendants at our fesitivites always change, only a few people are always there....but everyone is welcome.
The few things that always remain, however, I am greatly looking forward to. Grandma Peterson's homemade rolls, Mom's ever impressive dinner (hope she makes the orange fluffy dessert that I love so much), my brothers creating their "sampler" dessert plates, my uncle Greg quickly falling asleep after dinner and us ladies gathered in the kitchen for clean up. (sounds old fashioned, I know, but I have grown to enjoy it)
So while our Thanksgiving celebration is undergoing some changes, I take comfort in the things that always stay the same. Here's to a day filled with food, family, laughter, and the Macy's parade! Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Alayna...the hairstylist.

So at 6 years old, Alayna is the epitome of girly. She likes all things glitter, listens to tween music, worships Selena Gomez, and her room is a Barbie haven. So its no surprise that she obsesses a bit about her hair. I know that everyone that has children has likely gone through this, but once is usually enough.  I am talking about the ever impressive self hair cuts! The first time Alayna cut her hair, she chose to cut her bangs. She was 3 years old and it was to be expected I guess. She cut them right down to the scalp so that the top of her forehead looked like it had little spikes sticking out of it. We nearly got them grown back to normal....and it happened again. This was about a year later.
Now you may ask, why aren't they hiding the scissors? Believe me, I tried. Now one would hope that the 2nd time would be enough...but not for A. While cleaning up the living room about a year and a half ago...I stumbled upon a pile of hair along side the couch. I find Miss A sporting a mullet like hairstyle and super short bangs. Awesome.
We have not had an incident since that last hair cut...until yesterday. GAH!!! Her hair had grown out nicely and she has a super cut bob cut, her bangs could have used a just a trim. But no, let's just hack off a big chunk of hair alongside her face! When I asked her why she keeps cutting her hair she replied "It was getting in my eyes." Sheesh.
I am at a loss as to how to stop this. Maybe I should just resign to the fact that maybe my daughter is meant to be a hairstylist. My Auntie Juliette will love this, as now there will be a family member to take over her salon :)
Do your kids like to cut their hair? If so, is once enough? Thoughts on getting her to stop???? Talk amongst yourselves.....K