My Family

My Family

Saturday, January 28, 2012

On becoming a "sports mom".

My three monsters are very busy kids, I always knew we'd reach this point but really had no idea how busy it was going to be. Cameron plays basketball which includes practice 2 nights a week and games nearly every Saturday until the end of March. Seth has not yet selected a sport he would like to play, although he seems to have a knack for all of them. A has dance and girl scouts. Let's not forget the various birthday parties, field trips, etc...that grab up all of our time.
Today, the kiddos and I were up at 6am to get ready and on the road to Pine Island for a basketball tournament. When we signed Cameron up for "community education" basketball, I had no idea that it would require so much of our time. The boys played their first game at 8am, they we waited until 11 (2 hour wait)...then they won again, so we waited 2 and a half hours for the championship game. Our 5th grade boys took second place.
Now, although this was our first full fledged tournament, we have been doing the Saturday game thing for just about a month. The boys play 2 games every weekend. At first I thought, just bring the camera and my purse and we're good to go. WRONG!!!!! I can't believe I didn't think about the other two kids that would have to be waiting around with us. I have since mastered the "basketball bag". In it goes snacks, sandwiches, water bottles, portable dvd players, Uno, camera, and a book for me (which I forgot today, drat!). Sounds like a lot, but when you have a totally fab Thirty-one bag, it works out pretty good.
My second hurdle was figuring out the lingo that comes along with being a basketball parent. I thought it was ridiculous to hoot and holler and get all crazy about a 5th grade game. Well, today I was one of the noisier's hard to not get into the game and get excited for the boys when they do well. This same behavior has caught me during dance shows. When watching them back on the camcorder I hear myself loud and clear, cheering as the girls get into their kick lines and rock it. I cheer loudly at track and field days and at the various school concerts. It was hard to imagine myself in this of those weird parents that is just overly excited about what their kids are doing. But I love it, and really shouldn't be surprised. After all, I am sort of boisterous.
I am so looking forward to whatever the monsters decide to do next. In the very near future, baseball and a new dance school, guess I will have to get a couple more bags and be sure to include some throat lozenges for this crazy sports mom. K

Monday, January 23, 2012

Making progress.

So I've ventured in to a couple of big projects this new year. The first is to get my home organized and purged of all things unnecessary in preparation for our move this spring.  The second to get my mind and body healthy, and on a steady down hill direction weight wise. Here's where I'm at...
Home organization is not an easy feat when you have 3 super busy kids. I started with my room and purged a large amount of clothing (hopefully I will be buying new very soon for my slimmer shape). As I do laundry, I continue to weed out the over abundance of clothing that my kids have...I swear Seth has about 15 hoodies! We have begun sorting through all of the "storage" stuff in the basement. So much of it is not needed. This week's big projects are my craft room and my nemesis....the junk drawer. Now, this may not seem like such a big task, but when you live with a mechanic, there is no telling what I will find. All spare nuts, bolts, and the like, are emptied from pockets and put in this drawer. There is a roll of scotch tape that has wound itself around some phone chargers. Batteries that are probably no good have been left to be mixed with the good ones...and don't even get me started on the pens and pencils!!
As far as getting healthy goes...I am down 10 pounds since the beginning of the month! This is mostly due to my aggressive workout regimen. I always told myself that I am an athlete in a fat girls body...and I believe that I am proving that. I can even do more push ups now than my 10 year old!!  The part I struggle with the most is the eating.... I enjoy my treats, especially ice cream, and am working to find a way to enjoy them in a healthy fashion. My monsters are on the same page, they enjoy the change to whole grains and constantly remind me that I need to drink more water. I know that deep down, part of me will always be the fat girl...I just don't need everyone to see it. Oh!!  Believe it or not...I have only had 4 beers all month! This is huge! And you know what?? I don't miss it all that much. I am sleeping better, my clothes are fitting better and I am just a happier person. Why didn't I do this a long time ago?
How are your resolutions going?? Are you sticking with it, and have you been successful? More progress reports to follow....K

Monday, January 16, 2012

On my way to a new me.

As I posted this morning on Facebook, today beings my 30 day Beachbody Challenge. My goal is to drop 25 pounds in the next 30 days by seriously changing my eating habits and using the P90X system (in conjunction with my kickboxing class and some treadmill time).
I have been struggling with my weight since 8th grade...I remember when it started. My family and I moved away from our home in East Bethel and all of my friends. Those that knew me up until this point knew me as this tiny thing with crazy long hair. I was so depressed about having to move (you know how 13 year olds can be) and so, I decided to hide out in the house all that summer and do NOTHING! I went up and down the scale for the next 5 years, and was feeling pretty good when I graduated from high school. I rode the Columbia Heights float as Princess and felt really good about myself, even though I was a bit bigger than most of the other royal girls. I worked out and did a lot of walking but never changed my diet (what college kid doesn't live on ramen and macaroni and cheese?) And then I met Jimmy. Not that he is to blame, because he isn't. Many people I know experience the same "in a new relationship so let's not care about our weight so much" feeling. Then 2 years later, I found out I was going to have a bouncing baby boy. I gave in to cravings of pancakes and York peppermint patties...not together though, that would be gross. I very quickly gained 40+ pounds, and that is still what I carry today.
Except that now, I am hypothyroid...which means I get to work extra hard to lose any weight. I have been using that as a bit of a crutch "Well, I do have that thyroid problem so I am just going to be fat forever." I know that what I see in the mirror is much different from those that love me see. I just want to be able to see the same thing. Also, being only 32 and have to be concerned about my "borderline" cholesterol levels, and the fact that my mom was recently diagnosed as diabetic...I need to do something.
I have already quit my excessive diet coke habit...not an easy feat, but I am already feeling so much better and am down 5 pounds!
So, to add to the craziness that is my world, I am going to be working on changing myself. I am stubborn, and fairly stuck in my ways...take pity on my family. It's going to be a rocky road, but hopefully the end result will be worth it. K

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Preparing for a move is a huge undertaking...especially when moving 2 adults, 3 children, 3 cats and all their stuff to another state. And while I complain about not having money and wishing I had some new things, I am inspired by a friends recent blog about needing less. This week I have also watched a couple of shows that really put into perspective the world of excess that we live is insane!
I've always considered myself to careful about not letting my children have too much of any given thing, whether it be toys, games, clothes, or what have you. Still, as I do laundry today, I find that my children have so many clothes that their drawers don't close completely and usually they wear the same clothes regularly as they never get to the bottom of the drawer. I will admit, that my dresser is much the same. In looking at all of the things that are in excess in our house, I am ashamed that I have let it come to this. My craft room alone is a case study in over purchasing!
So beginning today, I am purging. Purging my home of all things in excess in an attempt to simplify our lives. There is no need to have 2 video game consoles and 4 plug and play games or to hang onto the preschool age toys that linger in Alayna's toy box. We don't HAVE to have 4 sets of sheets for each bed in the house, I just wash the ones that are on the beds and put them back on anyway. Do we really need 8 sleds for 3 kids? Or 3 different types of slip n slides?
Ridding the house of the excess stuff will definetly make our move less of a task, and will, hopefully, teach my family that less is more. Take a moment to think about much excess is in your home? Do you really NEED it? Happy Tuesday all...I'm off to sort through my dresser drawers. K

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There is a method to my madness....

Happy New Year friends!!  It is hard to believe that another year has passed us by. It is more hard to believe that this year will mark 15 years since my high school graduation!! Ouch!
Most people that I know put some sort of resolution in place at the beginning of a new year, myself included. However, I am not so good at keeping them...nor is anyone else I know. I always throw in the required exercise more, eat healthier, lose a bazillion know how that goes. But this year, with the big changes that will be taking place for us, I have added a couple that I think will be crucial in the success of our big move.
The first....Get organized!! Those that know me best know that I sort of enjoy the controlled chaos that is my life. If it's in a pile somewhere, I know exactly where to find it. But if I put it in a specific place?? Forget it! So here are a couple of things that I have in place to help me with this resolution. The first is a garage sale prep basket in my laundry room. I know that it seems crazy to think about it now, but garage sales are a lot of work. The thing I dislike the most is pricing items. So I have created a basket in the laundry room that will allow me to immediately put aside outgrown clothes and price them. Once the basket is full, I will move them to a plastic bin until spring.

The second, and I've had this for awhile and have been bad about using it, is a space for all things school related. You know, lunch menus, basketball schedule, spelling lists...blah, blah, blah. The amount of paperwork sent home from school is absolutely mind boggling. So here is my solution......

This is a wall mounted magazine rack that I picked up at Ikea for $10. I labeled each slot for my kiddos and all of their important papers go here. Any artwork that I want to save, goes into memory boxes in my scrapbook area or I take photos of the larger ones to be put into books at a later time.
As I continue to work on this ever expanding organization project, I will fill you in on my progress. Good luck with your own resolutions....K